Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 40 : Too Hot For Running To Plan

It's boiling out there. Everything has slowed down, so today a shorter post. If I keep on with the journal at this rate then short posts might become the norm. I'll try and make it to two months at least.

Last night I bumped my Connections skill. This enables me to jump to level 2 missions and soon to level 3 ones. That gives me time figure out how to chain them together to make money rather than doing one way trips all the time. I promptly don’t do this. It’s way too warm here and I have way too much to catch up on. Mining in the Diceman is a better way to spend my time when I am hacking in blog posts, trying to find niche markets and wondering if the Exequror cruiser would make a good blockade runner for high value materials out of low sec. Lets face it really I just want to fly a new ship. I’ve gone as far as to log my other character stationed in Jita to check out the sell prices there.

I’ve placed my second buy order. The first was an experiment and I forgot about it and refined the delivered ore without noticing.  What I actually wanted to do was compare my spreadsheet figures to a real buy order. I’ve posted the new one at a less optimal place but it should still be profit generating if it works. I think of it as an experiment but really it is a way to gain confidence in my calculations. Should it pay off, the collateral can go to work. The big problem is that I have no real idea how fast the market moves in this ore, in this place. I’ve undercut the local trade hubs but that means I’m reliant on someone who wants to sell right now, rather than ship ore a few jumps down. Trading on others laziness might work but I need a new strategy.

I heard today that the next Warcraft expansion release date has been set at the 25th September. Thats two months from today. Right now I don’t think I’ll be going back. I’m too intrigued by EVE at the moment and it just gets better and better. Maybe by September I’ll have skill queues so long and revenue streams strong enough, to allow me to have a few days off taking a look at it. That’s probably overly optimistic.

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