Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 35: Knock and Run

I nearly bailed on EVE for the entire weekend.

Two things stop me. One, while the Raspberry Pi arrived and this normally would be the thing to make me bail and go nerdy all weekend in a different way I had completely forgotten it was arriving and so haven’t done a thing about getting all the doodads I need to run it. Somewhere there is a shopping list I’ve neglected. Two, when returning home from the pub last night I did something daft.

I got home and realised I was too knackered to do anything much but felt like a fly around for ten minutes or so. I flew to null sec. For a laugh. Idiot.

As I arrived in the minus 0.4 security system I knew I’d made a mistake. There were four giant floating bubbles indicating where someone had set up warp disruption fields designed to catch anything coming through the gate and stopping it from warping away. The area was crowded with drones. There was one ship on the overview, a Thorax, and from the amount of drones I am guessing more were either nearby in system or right there with cloaking devices on.

Fortunately I arrived in Slider, an Atron I’d kitted out simply for speeding through areas. I think this cheap tiny ship didn’t tempt the gate camping crew, or they were bemused by it, or they were too busy laughing. I dodged the bubbles and went on a tour of the system, praying that this wasn’t annoying the hell out of the locals.

Knackered as I was I didn’t pay much attention. I clocked some rats with even larger bounties than any I’d seen so far and thought that I had better head back. How to avoid the gate camp though. Simple. Don’t

I warped to the gate within about 20K. Nothing happened. With a sense of adventure and discovery I decided I’d try and warp to the gate THROUGH one of the warp bubbles. It slowed me down but the Atron is nippy and was through in a few seconds. Nothing was happening. No one was shooting. The locals hadn’t come to gun me down for running through their manor, making noise, leaving contrails, and generally poking my nose it where it probably wasn’t wanted. What a cool bunch of dudes. I think actually I was like a fly not worth swatting. I bet their ammo would be more expensive than this ship. Shooting me would be an economic loss. It’s my Atrons greatest defence. I might go say hi this weekend and see what they have got to say. Chewing the fat on the border of null sec. Prepared for a ship loss, it sounds like part of a fun plan for the weekend.

There are other plans to be made. The morning mining run was made 2% more effective by flogging Tritanium en route, in Caldari space, and by running Carbon in bulk back the other way to avoid travelling with an empty hold. Normally I’d have ships or gear to shift but I’ve been lazy recently.

So, plans for the weekend include saying hello to some interesting neighbours, more angst about making cash too slowly, more angst about joining a corp before making one - to get the experience. Yet more ratting and mining. Watching the skill queue grind through the current day backlog and pondering the stat remap to make it go faster.

EVE Track Of The Day

Going Up The Country - The Kitty, Daisy and Lewis version rather than the original Canned Heat one.

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