Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 20 : Standing in line

 Not really standing in line, but it is a queue that is bothering me. Ever since I read that the Procurer mining barge was a waste of money I've been aiming for the next one above that. The Retriever is twice the cost but can mount two of the massive Strip Miner lasers and carry more. I'd missed the fact that this requires higher skills in Astrogeology and the Mining Barge piloting skill so this added to the four days it is already taking me to learn the fifth level of the Industrial skill.

 This makes me feel like I'm focusing too hard on mining and should be out there trying something different to make cash. It won't hurt to have mining to fall back on in the long run and I'm still learning new things but attempting PVP is hampered by low skills in the areas I need to fit out a ship with a chance. Additionally every time I say "Strip Miner" laser I feel ecologically guilty. Would anyone care what happens to a bunch of rocks in space? Am I destroying the habitat of giant space worms of the type that eat the Millenium Falcon in Empire? Do I really care or have I just got too much time to think while mining and watching the skill queue slowly tick down? Watching it tick down actually slows it down. Okay, it doesn't, but it feels like it. Its the ultimate watched pot that never boils. It's going to take four days to boil even if I don't watch it. Stupid pot.

 That queue is really bothering me. I've slipped in skills I can learn in minutes to the top of the queue. This will delay getting a mining barge but I probably won't get chance to play this weekend so it doesn't matter. In fact I need to make sure that the queue doesn't empty if I don't have time to log on.

 I have to avoid thinking about this queue. I do a little flying around in the Rifter I've called the 'General Lee', I do a little mining. Both are reminding me about the skill queue. On top of it all I've caught some summer lurgy thats going round the office at work and my attention is starting to wane. Thats a reciepe for disaster in EVE. I log off and go and watch a vampire flick from last year that didn't get much press. Fright Night. Its not brilliant, but it is highly entertaining. Its like a Vegas based Lost Boys for the 21st century.

PS Apologies for the lack of enthusiasm today!

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