Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 366 : Year One : My Way

Well there you go. A year in space. A year in EVE. Lets be honest. Six months of nothing much. RL got in the way so many times and RL always comes first. At the end a dalliance with T2 industry turned into a strategy game I could play in the morning before work. Admittedly it turned into a billion per month profit dalliance but it may be time to spend all that and shake things up. Logging onto EVE in the evening when you are knackered and generally worn down in every which way but win is not the ideal but neither is an MMO played largely as a solo strategy game.

Things change though. RL troubles fade, summer arrives, sunshine serotonin does it's clever work and a noob finds his step once more, plans ramp up. Typically he meets a delightful young lady with this new energy, she's all but designed to keep me playing Skill Queue Online. It's harsh but I'll man up and face this new task of feeling happy all the damn time. Curses.

Wait. A little bit of thought. Move some stuff around. A very busy new friend. I'm practically ready to go. A couple more skills, a bit of logistics and a move suggests itself. A few moves suggest themselves, thanks in no small part to the Brave Newbies and the TEST guys I met on the Fan Fest exiles meet up in London. Null sec carnage, Low Sec madness? What else could I do? Summer 2013 : The Move of the Main. Suggestions on a post card please. Or you could just stick them in the comments, whatever. Someone talk me out of my sec status fear.

It looks like I like flying ships. I'll continue in this vein for the next month. ALL THE FRIGATES!

I'll have a think and summarise the year a little better in another post. Maybe. The Noob Experience was my thing. If you like that then read A braver pilot than I.

EVE Track of the Day : My Way - Frank Sinatra

PS. Frank can nick off. The end ain't near. A change is needed but a Noob must fly. Some way. Some how. EVE : I've Got You Under My Skin.

PPS. My tips of regret:

1. Train a month throwaway combat only alt and throw it way. A lot. That's my next aim. Dual Training for PLEX! Cheap Tech I frig fits!
2. Don't get stuck in your own corp. Recruit or move no matter how nice the few hardcore members (thanks guys).
3. Don't do the same thing everyday no matter your playing time. Odyssey makes this easy. EVE in general does not.
4. Socialise. Play when other people are on. Not in the gap between US end and EU start. Snooze the weekend afternoon away and make the evening action. Not the reverse.
5. Disregard the above where necessary and play your own game. Whatever they say. EVE is a sandbox. DO IT.

PPPS. I'll see you out there. Fingers crossed. That's Life.

PPPPS. Don't put Sinatra on while writing with copious wine to hand.