Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 19 : Let this be... our Logistics Day!

July 4th. Welcome to EVE mutherf*cker! ( good job Will Smith )

Yup. Independence Day humour. I can't think of American independence day without thinking of the film. If EVE pilots had invaded the outcome would have been different I think. You're thinking they'd have destroyed everything. Nah. They'd probably all have landed. Tried to sell you something. Gone for a drink and then either tried to scam someone in the bar or got into a fight while drunk and shouted "I can't get a lock! ECM tactics!" little realising they were too drunk to focus. I'm not sure what the bar fight equivalent of coming back an hour later in a battlecruiser is. Nothing good probably.

Yeah. Not much action going on today. Hauler full of shuttles going one way. Me nipping back in one of em at a time to pick up smaller ships for ops in the new home.

I need the Maverick, its super high speed, low damage combat technique that I think I am refining against the rats. Players will still kill me in seconds, but small steps. The General Lee I need for combat too, just the sheer Mad Max style flavour to it. More guns than should be on something that size. Big orange engine flames. Too entertaining by half. There are benefits to each. Both are fun. Rats in Caslemon are not going to have a good time.

Anyway I also need 'The Tube', which is my other hauler, and 'The Vendetta', cruiser, from Silvala. I'll leave Rockbitch there. I need that Nocxium every now and again. An odd thing happened with the cruiser. I found out that even with four mining lasers it is only just out performing my little mining frigate. In fact there is a way I could kit out the frigate to outperform the cruiser. That's ship bonuses for you. Some ships come pre tailored to this function or that. The Navitas frigate is an excellent miner. Bugger all cargo space though, you need to look at it every other minute to transfer the ore and we all know my tendencies toward AFK mining.


My mining operations kit is now transfered. I'm going to need a run up to Silvala every now and again which means I am spanning three systems. I'm also still stuck on the border between the Gallente and the Caldari and I don't much like that feeling. There may be a bigger move soon. Perhaps when I join a corp deeper in Gallente space. Amarr space is down there. I hate them too but they do have a shiny fighter frigate.....

Back and forth. All done. Now time to go help lift stuff around a friends new house.

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  1. Reading from the beginning. Just one more chapter thing since Day 10. Great blog!
    I'm playing EVE for 20 days now.