Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 17 : Knackeredness and Nostalgia

Worn out by the Monday back at work, the constant nag of pain from bruise and tooth. Its going to be a minimalistic night.

I nip back into WoW for a few minutes. I've still got my account though at the moment is basically to keep in touch with an old mate who has gone AWOL everywhere else. I chat to another pal there, another raider from back in the day. There is a sense of nostalgia. Somewhere in the back of my head I know I'll be back. Can I balence it with EVE at the same time? I bet this PC is powerful enough to do some AFK mining while I'm raiding.

By this time it's already 9pm and though I know I'm not going to sleep well I'm utterly knackered enough to contemplate bed . I could lie there not sleeping and contemplate the sky out of my window or something. A sky which is currently in denial of Summer but doing it quite well. Hopefully it will go the whole hog and turn into a thunderstorm. For some reason they always put me to sleep. God I need sleep. Not for the first time I wonder if EVE is actually the thing keeping me awake. I do go through chronic bouts of insomnia but it's generally something lurking at the back of my mind, waiting to be thought through, processed. EVE at the moment is taking up anywhere from 25% to 90% of my idle thought processing power. It's a worry. I might bludgeon it with tat TV. Revenge is on E4 now isn't it? Thats about as tat as you can get.

Not sure what happens after this. I think it's called AFK Mining. I'm too tired to even click more than once or twice. I watch in a haze as my Iteron class hauler orbits a rock chewing it up slowly. Occaisionally I switch to tactical and watch for suspicious behaviour but it looks as if I'm not the only one suffering from Mondayitis.

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