Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 37 : Here Comes The Sun

I’ve mentioned before about the summer weather in Britain this year. Any and all moisture in the northern hemisphere has been over here shopping for trouble. Not so for today and the following week apparently. I’m getting out and about, off to see an old friend for a catch up and Sunday lunch in the pub. This doesn’t prevent the “morning mine” which is the tactic I increasingly use to wake up.

Being asleep while sitting up and playing EVE isn’t good. It makes me lazy so I habitually jet can mine when in fact I should have secure anchored cans in my normal mining locations. I’ve noticed Sunday mornings seem to be a favourite time of PVP roamers. I notice it this morning because one gets me in a drive by can flipping exercise. He’s flying a Jaguar so it’s really an invite to a fight I can’t win. I say goodbye to half an hours rock work and accept the richly deserved mocking for having jet canned in the first place. Half an hour later there is a string of secure cans anchored across the belt. It means I have to pay even more attention when mining. I feel oddly happy at this. It was becoming a boring routine of cash generation.

Even with being can flipped I’m feeling almost wealthy. I’m feeling good when I leave the house and spend the afternoon chilling out in a beer garden with a friend out in the countryside. Well, as near to the countryside as you can get using the Central Line.

Feeling secure about my EVE bank balance? Out drinking in the sunshine all day long? Get home feeling cocky? Oh look, I now own a new expensive ship.

Its not that bad. The new ship, a type of cruiser of the Thorax class, is very good looking and unlike my first cruiser, the Vexor class drone boat, it is a dedicated gun boat. I’ve a plan to take it and finally run some missions. Since I’m feeling a bit wobbly I’ll take it easy and run some level 1 distribution threads. It turns out there is a little more combat in one of them than I expect. It turns out that a rail gun fit Thorax with drones laughs at level 1 missions, no matter the amount of attackers contained in the encounter. It’s funny to pick them off one by one at 20km ranges.

Running missions could start to be profitable in this new ship. It will build reputation with the various local factions that offer missions. That will help kickstart my plans for Research in future. The reputation will also allow me to do higher level missions for lots more cash and I can’t see much under level 4 stopping the new ship.

Emboldened by this success and a few additional beers along the way, I buy another new ship that I actually have no use for, and can’t remember why I wanted. Ridiculous drunken spending gaffes. I’m the shopping version of the Mittani. Once I figure out what this ship is used for and what I can use it for, then I’ll write about it. I’ll have to do some reading up on it. There’s a surprise.

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  1. High corporate standings also affects the refining fees, so it's a double win.