Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 29 : Learnin' from Burnin'

 Today I'm going to get killed a lot (well my ego said it was a lot) and try and learn from it. That's not the plan. That just what happens.

 After yesterdays adventures in low sec I'm ready to go again, and find out just what can be done. I fit out a Destroyer as a short range blaster platform, just the thing that slow, over-armed, rat battlecruisers don't like. It's a fair cost to get a fit I'm happy with. It is a little low on defence but I have to boost the power output to power so many guns, using up a fitting slot in the process.

 Warping into the system I proceed to clear out rats. It's harder to find the big kills today compared to yesterday but I'm getting a decent rate of return in both bounties and loot. The cruiser groups are the hardest, these guys can still hit me when I'm up close at speed. Still, I can handle a couple of them and their pals easily.

 I'm in the middle of destroying one such batch when someone else warps into the system. Its a familiar face from yesterday. I dither about running or finishing my kill off and that's enough time for him to reach me, slow my speed with a Webifier and prevent warp with a Scrambler. By the time I've locked onto him and unlocked the weapons from the rat I'm toast. Podded again. This guy goes onto the watch list of contacts with a bad rep. One day I may be good enough to pay the favour back.

 So - lesson one learned. Don't dither. Do something in low sec if a player enters the local area. Forget the rat. It takes me another experience of being killed a coupe of hours later to get this into my thick skull. At least this time I shot back and did enough damage to clear his shields. Still, that's a lot of destroyers and equipment for someone so new. The bounties I picked up cover some of it but the loss seems to stay with me.

 I retreat to mining. I'm shaken but don't realise it yet. Mining while plotting in my head for better PVP tactics and ship fittings. It takes me a few hours to realise just why I've moved my miner down to a 0.9 security system. There aren't even any rats here. I compulsively check the overview of the local area for ships, monitor local system chat for potential thieves and gankers, and worry about the cost of the mining barge I'm in. Basically I'm suffering from some kind of psychological impact of being, so easily, ganked in space. Adrenaline withdrawal of some kind maybe. I'm not having that. I have a plan. I have some cash. I now have the will. I shall return! Bugger this pansying around in hi sec.


  1. Good for you! If you can't be totally safe (and in EVE you can't) then be gloriously unsafe!

  2. You seem to keep trying.
    That is good.
    Keep @ it