Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 33 : A Refined Error

Morning, knackered as usual, suffering from ailments as usual, and thanks to EVE not giving a damn about them. I'm pottering around. I've noticed this habit creeping in. All of a sudden I'll find myself having spent the last hour doing things with no sense of direction. First I'll start looking up guns and pondering the relative merits of cost vs the minor improvements that the "meta" classes of the guns bring. Then I'll go out mining for a bit. Then I'll fly around aimlessly for a couple of minutes. It's all about as aimless as my skill queue planning which tends towards whatever I'm enthused by on the day.

 When my pottering brings me to this skill plan I discover I've made a small error. I'm biting the bullet and learning Refining to level 5. The benefit this brings over level 4 Refining is minor but allows me to specialise a bit and learn other skills to reduce waste during the refining process. The bullet biting is the 4 day wait it takes to learn. All the other specialisation skills give minor improvements but when you are dealing with your major source of income it soon stacks up. Except I've just discovered I can learn these refining specialisations now, with Refining level 4 being the only prerequisite. These are bought and, as per usual with my dysfunctional approach to planning, pumped into the top of the skill training queue. I must learn to pay attention. I must get a proper plan.


  1. On the refining side.

    Refining V is a good investissement if mining is your primary carrier.

    From eve wiki ( ), a perfect miner need :
    - refining V
    - refining efficiency IV
    - {ore} processing I
    - a station with a base 50% refinering rate *
    - standing of 6.7 with the station owner

    * Check on dotlan for station refining capacity. For example, Traun system ( as 2 stations : One which allow 100% refining. The other is just useless (except with a lot of skill and implants).

    Check this wonderful table from eve uni :

  2. and as for standing of 6.7 i highly recommend running all the missions of all 3 sets of career agents. With social skill trained to lvl3 or 4 you'll be standing 3+ with gallente faction in no time and able to run lvl3 missions that'll boost your corporate standings for that refining station you're currently at.

    I recommend looking around for storyline agents who work for the same corporation owner of that station you refine at. run missions for other agents at the storyline agent's location and you'll be 6.7 standing with that corporation much much faster.

  3. And if you want to keep the solo going then you will need standings with a npc corp for a jump clone, or temp join a corp who has the standing to get some jump clones, permit faster moving of your character around. I have a number of hubs for my ships and clones