Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 18 : Don't just try and move. Move!

Dentist today owing to a pork scratching accident over the
weekend. I'm working from home as a result.

Owing to this I'm able to send out a hauler with a mining laser and
AFK mine all day. I feel quite bad about this. Theres a stigma
attached to AFK miners and they are fair game for suicide
gankers. Rightly so I think. Its not going to stop me doing it
though. Idly checking back every couple of hours to dock, sell,
and return to mining isn't hard. The ship is insured and frankly
if it gets blown to kingdom come, I'm buying the upgrade anyway.

I'm still suffering from insomnia. I'm now into over a week of
having five hours or less sleep per night. This takes its toll. It
takes it so much that after I finish working I CONTINUE TO AFK
MINE. Only now I'm watching it. This is how knackered I
am. Monitoring tactical for possible suicide gankers is keeping me
awake. God forbid I should fall asleep at 8pm. That means waking
up at 11 and staring at the ceiling all night. Been there. Done that.

I force myself out of the lethargy. As ever in EVE you need a
plan. Make your own moves. I take this literally and decide to
move my mining base in 0.6 space, out from Silvala in space nazi
land (Caldari) and through the border to Castlemon, a quiet little
system recommended to me by pals the other day. It's belts have
rocks that can be refined for Isogen. I need more of this than I
do of Noxcium from the Silvara belts. I leave an armed destroyer
with mining capabilities behind to allow this. I'll nip back now
and again in a shuttle and sort it out.

I nip round to Caslemon to have a look at it. Tour the belts. It's
a lot quieter. There are miners here but not on the scale of
Silvala where several operations had moved in. The belts at the
edge of the system are stuffed with the biggest rocks I've seen
yet. They look as big as stations. I could chunter away rock
hunting for ages here as my skills increase.

I've dumped the Procurer plan and switched to the Retriever
plan. Both mining barges, the latter more expensive and yet the
former apparently pants. Three million difference in ISK gets me a
machine that is already giving me gold rush fever. I've got to
time the skill learning queue otherwise I'm not going to get it
before I leave for an almighty piss up on Saturday. I need to get
enough to fly the damn thing, and to make sure the queue is full
up for at least 48 hours.

Enough of dreaming of mining barges. It's like a GCSE history
lecture on canals and the economy FFS. Back to the belt tour. I'm
zooming around in the fighter style frigate, the Atron class. I've
decided to name them after Top Gun call signs mainly because of
the music incident the other night but also because the media
won't stop blaring this Tom and Katie shit at me. I should have
named them after Dawsons Creek characters but flying the 'Joey' is
gonna garner no respect where I come from. The current Atron is
named 'Maverick'

I tour the belts with glee, there is hardly anyone here! Nice
quiet system for a sit down for couple of months while I start
learning nasty 4 day long training skills. I enter one of the
belts and catch sight of a miner. She's in a big ship capable of
lasting through a lot of damage but she has four rats trying to
gun her down. Its EVE, land of the paranoid selfish. Well grinding
isn't the only thing WoW passed on to me. I'm going in. Rats don't
like an armed Atron burning in on afterburner travelling a
kilometer a second and then loopig around them faster than they
can shoot back. I wear them down and loot their stupid
corpses. I'm about to head out but see local system chat
flashing. The miner saying thanks for the help. I have a quick
chat. Turns out the neighbours are nice. Nice to help em out as I
arrive. Logistics time - I've got ships to move up here!

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