Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 38: Open for Business

Open by mining, close by mining. You know the score by now. It’s Monday. It’s been very hot. Who has the brain power to do anything else?

Actually I spend most of the time browsing the market trying to think my way into it. If I can visualise what the hell is going on, then I might be able to make not only my own trade routes but my own trade network. Currently I’m trying to understand some odd spiking in mineral prices while taking advantage of it. Reading that back to myself doesn’t make EVE sound like a game at all.

While I’m doing this I spend the time chatting to two friends I mentioned in an earlier post. This is more entertaining than spending all the time in the FNA basic corporation because the level of chat in there occasionally descends to “Barrens Chat” levels. And I haven’t forgiven them the tax rate either.

Both these facts make me wonder why I’m not in a Corporation, chatting with like minded pilots and paying tax towards something instead of into the EVE version of a gold sink. Actually the tax rate is another little shove by the game manufacturers at getting us all to branch out on our own, further out from high security starter areas of space. I could even start my own corporation quite easily and cover all the above quite easily. All it takes is one skill point and 1.5 million credits.

That’s how the corporation “Tatooine Sand Reclamation” is formed. It was nearly called “P. I. Staker Industries”. We’ve a lot of raw material and not much else. We’ve all played the latest online Star Wars game recently. Tax rate of zero and without even corporate hangars or an office. We are starting small.

Another reason for starting small is the amount of new stuff I have to learn about managing the thing. I seem to be constantly learning stuff in this game. Not for the first time, and probably not for the last, I am reminded of the learning queue of EVE when compared with other games:

It’ll take me a while to get it all figured out around my other commitments and interests (not real life ones, I’ll kick those aside) but I’ll get there. In the event of a declaration of war against it we can just break down the corporation and run for it. Till then, death to taxes!

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