Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 34 : Out of Office

Woken up by sunshine at 5am  would normally be a bad thing, especially if I thought I was going to sleep through and avoid the usual insomniacs checks and balances. This morning it is almost welcome. The UK is currently avoiding summer by the employing the neat tactic of throwing half the north Atlantic out of the sky at every available opportunity. Seeing sunshine is good. It’s a boost. Which I promptly waste by going out mining.

I know, I know. I should have found a better way of accumulating loot by now. Give me a break, I can’t even focus on the skill queue for more than five minutes without changing it. In fact mining gives me the opportunity to peruse the skill queue and its measuring system the Certifications.

Currently while mining I have to be prepared to move ore around at least once per three minutes. I can’t not focus on the game. Fortunately the game provides more than enough information on things I need to look into. It also has a built in web browser so that I don’t even have to ALT+TAB out of the game.

The Certification system is a way of measuring what kind of talents your skills are providing, above and beyond the simple facts of making money or being able to squeeze that last power hungry item into your latest ship fitting. For example there might be a Certificate for being a Drunken Space Noob and obtaining that would involve learning the skills Drinking V and Skill Queue Muppet IV. You can post these to your in game Bio’ but I’m not going to. I don’t want anyone, particularly an opponent, reading them and getting an advantage from it.

I’m not gaining many Certifications. I’m way too much of a dilettante. I need to plan and focus and get over the fact that a day without an announcement of a new skill level learning is a waste. I have a pathetic need to see that progress even if it is the result of the least optimal way to do things. I explain this away by describing myself as “interested in everything”. In fact I am interested in cash, and how this is going to help me fly more things better, and how they are going to reduce can flippers to molten hot wrecks.

I do some planning of the skill queue and make a few notes. I then totally invalidate it by deciding to make cash and by the skill used to operate cloaking devices and learn that. Some things never change. I had better do some planning this evening after work and sort it out.

What I actually do after a bitch of a day at work is go down the pub, feel even more knackered than normal, come home, write this and completely bail on EVE. I need to sit back, relax, not think about skill queues.  I could spend some time wondering where all the women I used to know have gone, or I could just watch the telly which feels way way more constructive because I channel hop less than I skill hop.

I really will have a plan I can tell you about at the weekend. Really. No, honest. Looking at the weather though, it’s going to be sunny out.....

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