Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 69 : RL Fleet Action

I undock from my regular industrial station with a sense of trepidation, this evenings mission could lead to serious damage or loss. My corp mate must have already begun his run of gate jumps out of the bizarre low sec constellation of X and down through to hi-sec space where I’ve been making ISK. The plan is an all out assault on a particular Ship, and attempt to obtain and consume it’s most precious cargo. I’m thinking we are going to end up paying for this mission in a more than one way.

In other words, after work I met up with a corp mate who was working up in Essex and travelled into town on the Underground, through many stations, to have a pint a pub called the Ship behind Holborn station in London. That's why I don’t get much done on EVE at all. If I was on, and you saw me, then it was probably some kind of drunken autopilot.

I heard about some other guys who might be meeting in a pub in London soon, even before the big London meet up. o7 to Einia over at Nebula Inc. who got in touch to say hi and offer me yet another opportunity to investigate null, yet another shed load of tips, and yet another excuse to drink more beer. Nice to meet someone else from my old Warcraft stomping grounds. How many ex Warcraft players are out there?

One more day, and a couple of short posts, until the three day weekend....

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