Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 49 : Power Limits

Power is limited. Not power on the ships for fitting, though that is limited until I bite the bullet and learn Engineering to level 5. Not capacitor on the ships, hardly anything I fly is cap’ stable at the moment. It is real power I am missing. Electricity

My flatmate stays home for the inevitable wrangle with the people involved. Apparently there is no power coming into the flat at all. It takes all day for EON and EDF to sort out between them who is responsible. They manage to fix it just before I get back. We then discover that everything works apart from the ring main attached to the rooms where all the entertainment is. I want to play EVE and watch Olympics all night. Food loses out, I switch the fuses for the hob with the ring main fuse. We can’t cook, but we can play.

Oddly I am so worn out from work and worrying about it all day I just watch Olympics and then chain episodes of Buffy. Love Film has just made these free online with your subscription. It is eating into a lot of EVE time.

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  1. Ok, the blog is quite cool, but being a fan of Buffy raises that to a whole new level :)