Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 46 : Aimless

Drones skill is ticking down, ready for the weekend. I feel a bit mined out, so I don’t fancy sitting in a belt for a while. To be honest I have some ideas about increasing the yield there but even that can’t tempt me back to rock whacking today.

I spend some time drifting from system to system and end up down in Algogille, my old base and where I still have a few things stashed. One of them is a Catalyst hull and there is enough lying around to fit it out. I decide to see how I high I get can the DPS on the ship with things I already have. This gets me motoring from system to system picking stuff up which, while boring, is certainly more entertaining than drifting.

Back at Algo’ I start running level 1 security missions. Easy as hell but I am really seeing how the new blaster boat with it’s upped DPS goes. The DPS is still pitiful compared to some of the fits I see but I have been concentrating on mining and refining skills. Combat skills are getting a boost before my next tangle with industry of any kind.

The missions are easy, I’m one-shotting most opponents as soon as I am in close. Blaster range would be a bit alarming had I not tangled with large scary ships out in low sec using the same tactics. I must get back to doing that again. A couple of the level one missions are giving a decent amount of cash for a five minute job. Not the large amounts of cash mining gives for sitting around doing nothing but still reasonable, and it all goes towards reputation building in some sense.

For EVE a couple of the missions are nice looking. There is one in particular where you have to destroy an infested station. It is tucked away inside a hollow asteroid, floating there in a tunnel. Entering the tunnel and seeing an object so large without the backdrop of space gives me my first sense in EVE of actually flying the ship rather than passing it generic orders.  Enthused by this and earlier thoughts I round the night off with a trip out  to a low sec system I noticed was rather quiet in some of my earlier drifting. I nip up there and farm out the local idiot rat cruisers. I’m careful to keep an eye on Local chat lists indicating the presence of potential gankers, but not too careful that I don’t make a few easy bucks (for a noob).

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