Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 55: Covetousness

Is the Covetor worthy of purchase? Thats my first thought today. I have visitors and I have a lot on at work so thinking about EVE is all I’m going to get chance to do. I’m finding that EVE will pretty much take up and spare processing power my mind has and use it to formulate new plans and compare them against the current. Mining yields, trade routes, manufacturing aims, combat fittings, skill queue aims, defensive fittings. Let us not get into the fact that anything can require an altered fitting which will lead to the skill queue which will lead back to the fitting and plans to optimise what I have now in advance of the skills catching up. Talk about visious circle. This month I have done less reading on the London Underground than any month since I arrived here over ten years ago. My reading rate has slowed down as my brain kicks into EVE calculation mode whenever there is a lull.

I’m thinking at the moment that the Covetor isn’t worth it just yet. The bump in mining will be offset by needing to use the cans. Mind you, I like using the cans and the offset isn’t much. I dare not do the actual math in case it causes me to razz 30 mill on a Covetor right now. The first target is actually the Procurer. Why? More exciting mining. Its tank is low sec capable and it would be good to risk, and probably lose, that amount of cash. I need to see how it feels in order to know how to make that risk calculation in future. I haven’t mined much ore in low sec either and there is the chance to expand my portable geology set I use to check my refining figures. These figures could be obtained through some basic math but there isn’t a story in basic math and I’m not interested in it. There is also the chance of Ice Mining. I haven’t done it yet but my explorations have revealed the location of a couple of Ice Belts. It sounds risky and nerve wracking. Why wouldn’t I do it?

Damn. I still want that Covetor though....

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  1. The Covetor (and Hulk) are mostly used in Orca-supported mining operations. If you have a friend in an Orca in the Belt who can tractor and empty your jetcans then the high-yield/low orebay barges are the way to go. For the solominer they are not worth it.
    Concerning your plans to mine in lowsec, remember that the higher tank will only help you against the rats any player that can tank your drones (or kill them) will be able to kill you - it will only take longer.
    Use an empty system stay aligned and get the ... out as soon as anyting shows up.

    Great Blog!

    PS.: you probably sold your ore to me ... at least before you moved out of the Caldari Border Zone ;)