Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 47 : Tumblin' Tumbleweed

Again with the aimlessness! What the hell am I doing drifting through space doing not much. I’m beginning to think that mining has poisoned my mind. The whole dedication to perfecting Refining returns as much as I could was very unlike me.

I look into Research but I don’t have the skills and there are a lot more higher priority skills I need. I’m developing a skill plan based on a happy medium of fun vs cash. At some point I want to be able to fight back properly for a start.

Abandoning research, I look at my Standings with people and think I could usefully raise them to the point where they match the skill queue abilities. I head to Algogille and finish face rolling the level 1 security missions I was doing yesterday. They don’t give much cash or Loyalty Points, the latter is stuff I haven’t really investigated yet. It can stand in line with the rest of the stuff I have to learn.

Missions are way slower than mining for cash generation but might pay off later. In fact one of the level one missions ends up giving me 2 million in salvage which is good, but still slower than mining. I need to try some more level 2 missions, and get to level 3 missions as fast as I can. I think I’ll need a cruiser for the level 3 stuff and I am unconvinced that I have the skills to fly one properly. We might see the Vexor again soon, refitted out of mining duties, since I have a lot of drone skills and it is a good drone boat.

I must stop drifting. Is there a recognised point in EVE where nothing you can learn brings benefits the same day? I’m out tomorrow so maybe a day off will do me some good. Actually I haven’t been drinking much lately so after about 2 drinks I’ll probably fall over. So it will do EVE some good, but not much else.

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  1. At two years and 40 mil skill points on my combat duder most of the shit I am training these days Is like 14-30 days. But as this point I can fly all races ships use 2 races of t2 weapons and rock out in capital ships.
    But that's 2's nice to finally reach this point. Also consider making another account. One combat one Indy. But beware suddenly the combat too. Needs cyno support, the. U own a rorqual and can't use ur Indy account to cyno ur other one and gotta have 3 accounts. If u stay in eve for long u will prolly end up with several accounts. Sorry for the rant. Loving the blog