Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 48 : South Bank Show

I'm out tonight so there isn’t much to report. I'm going down to the South Bank of the Thames for a friends birthday, aiming soak up some Olympic atmosphere and also some alcohol.

The CSM minutes came out today. I don’t know much about this but apparently there is a player elected board that have a regular meeting with CCP, the makers of EVE Online, and the minutes of these meetings are published. The Council of Stellar Management give the EVE players view of CCP plans.

I skim the minutes. Most of it is beyond me and it is a LONG document. I’ll go back and read it at some point. One thing catches my eye. It proves a long held theory of my own about gaming and responsibility - that there is practically none in games and that once you can get away with something you will. Not that my theory holds that murder and such like will prevail, although in EVE the chances for this are many fold, but that many geeks will descend into unsociable puerile behaviour. The game is a good outlet for real world frustrations after all....

I could discuss this at length but I cannot be arsed and I am falling behind with my aim of blogging 95% of the first 2 months in the game.

Here is a excerpt from the minutes. It concerns the future availability of customised paint jobs (to whatever extent) on ships.

Page 45 of the CSM minutes:

“(during a live demo to the CSM, it was proved that the ‘time to penis’ is around 30 seconds).”

Basically that within 30 seconds of allowing custom paint jobs, a space penis would be seen. OK. I can believe this to be true but what kind of demo was it!? I’d like to see that demo. On second thoughts maybe I wouldn't. And why does puerile, presumably male, behaviour always involve focusing on their own genitals. Yet they all strenuously deny being homosexual. I believe the latter to be a phallusy.

In other news I return home to find the flat without power. I may not be playing much tomorrow either.

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  1. Heh, phallusy. I see what you did there.