Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 57 : On The Road Again

Today I am away from EVE for the entire day. No to log on. I have, shock horror, more important things to do..... That's right kids, get out there into RL now and again and experience some Real Life. I’m off on a long overdue to see family so I won’t be missing the vital business of Internet Spaceships at all.

Except that it follows me. Whenever there is any down time during the weekend and I’m not catching up with family then my brain seems to restlessly turn to EVE plans. I think I’ve broken my mind playing this game. For example, I’m out late on Saturday evening in my parents back garden. They’ve gone to bed. I’m having one last smoke while I attempting to catch sight of some early Perseid meteors, since I am obsessed by space in more than just the EVE way. My most checked website all week has been NASA for Mars Curiosity images. Anyway, as I stare at the sky (and in one unfortunate moment the security light in the garden) I realise that somewhere in the back of my mind is a thread trying to work out a dual armour repair fit for the Incursus frigate. Back of a piece of paper calculations are being done against hazily remembered power outputs, and some timings for the skill queue. Should I be alarmed? It turns out I have some kind of multiple personality disorder except my alternate personality is a (bad) EVE ship fitting computer. I would be alarmed but in fact as long as it doesn’t stop me sleeping I am too interested in what results it turns up. Yes. I am sick. And I got the timing for Gallente Frigate V wrong.

If you start playing EVE, then watch out. Make it through the first week and enter the game properly and, as I said the other day, you will have taken the red pill.

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