Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 52 : Cleaning the Queue

Not much to report today. I’m cleaning the flat ahead of visitors who are staying with me while they are going to the Olympics.

While I’m running around the flat being all domestic I run hi-sec distribution missions, mostly on autopilot. I give it the first few jumps by manual command if the delivery time needs to be quick to get the bonus reward but otherwise it is hands off the starship and hands on the hoover.

All the time I’m doing this I’m aware that the skill queue is grinding down my plan to be better in the odd scrap I get into. The odd thing about this is that even though I have the same skills I did before it makes me feel as if I can’t get into a scrap. It’s as if I’ve discovered and labelled my combat weaknesses. I half feel like I should log off and leave the skill queue to grind to a finish before I go and do anything else. I manage to talk myself out of this, I’ve got plenty I can be doing that I was doing yesterday with the same skills. It is the same game as yesterday, and in fact I had a great time when “under” skilled. I need to have more of a think about this and recover my earlier attitude since there is so much to learn and do before this set of skills is complete.

Looking forward to Wednesday and the massive mining barge changes, but unsure of how the mineral market is going to react.

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  1. the skills on the character sheet is probably less than 50% of what makes a fight go this way or that
    the rest is up to you, and you dont get your skills up by automagically accumulating skillpoints