Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 56 : Some Small Experiments

I have minimal time owing to my guests and impending travel but I manage to log on. The first thing I check is the mineral and ore prices. No crash yet. Maybe the weekend influx of miners will kick it off, since I am away for most of the weekend I’ll check when I get back.  I seed a few stations with the output of an experimental production job. It isn’t going to result in a huge income but these things have to be tried and experimented with. The fact that there won’t be a huge income from it means I probably won’t have much in the way of hard working competition to force me out. I need a calm playing field to run some experiments in before I start competing with the local industrialists.

With the rest of my limited time in game I experiment with the newly updated Atron layout, it’s going to make an even better light, armed scout than before. Tackling light fighter craft be damned. These things make perfect speed based, armed, scouts. I’ve been using MWD equipped ones to make safe points, I’ve been using Warp Stabilised ones to make long range scouting runs into low sec, and once into null. They’ll be my ship of choice next time I take another nosey into a Worm Hole. They do feel like more of a fighter too, even after all I’ve said. It might even be a laugh to try a fight where dictating range is everything. They would be good at it, but then I’d need to fit it with rail guns, but rail guns are weaker and have lower tracking. At high speeds slower tracking would be an issue, though maybe not so much if I can maintain the range. The Atron would be a great support fighter, so maybe I should stick with the blasters.... Enough of the circular thought processes about fitting, I won’t bore you. I will be flying the Atrons a little more. If you’ve read here before you’ll know mine have an embarrassing naming theme that I’ll continue to use.


  1. You aren't going to see a crash in minerals anytime soon. A part of the Eve meta-game that you haven't gotten into yet is the mineral market speculation. Anytime a change happens, no matter how small, people start stockpiling minerals. At any given time there is normally enough Trit, for example, held up in trade consortiums to feed Eve for a month. You'll see small price fluctuations here and there, but normally it takes about that long for all the old stocks to be depleted and the market to start to move toward a new price plateau. There are trillions of isk held up in mineral speculation.

    1. I've seen about 10%, maybe more in Pyerite but I am still a bit of a Noob when it comes to economics, let alone Space Economics. Oddly the ore prices seem more stable. I'm going to redo my spreadsheets and have a think over the weekend but any tips are welcome.

    2. I don't really have any tips to give you. I just know such a thing exists because corpies and alliance mates over the years have spent massive amounts of time trying to anticipate what the market is going to do. Sometimes they make money on it, sometimes they lose their shirt. The mineral market is gambling on a massive scale. Some changes you know are going to result in supply or demand of a particular mineral. Others.. who knows? Eve is a game of unintended consequences, you'll figure out all the angles on something CCP is going to do, then someone will come up with a completely left field screwball idea of how to use it that messes everything you bet on up.

      I don't really recommend getting into it unless you find a teacher of The Dark Arts, or, you've been playing the game so long you know it's ins and outs. Small bets to try and learn it, sure. But not large ones, it's too easy to lose.