Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 99 : The Day Off

I wake up in the middle of the night and feel ice cold while sweating furiously. Ah, hello first work related lurgy of the winter season. I wondered when you’d be along.

By morning I feel like I’ve been beaten with sticks and am in no mood to sit in front of EVE. My thoughts and reactions would be dulled and this would lead to loss of cash and ships in stupid mistakes. It would probably also lead to rage tears which are pretty daft so sod that for a game of space pilots, it’s a do-fuck-all day. I’m going to resist the temptation to describe the day in EVE terms. I’ve done that joke. I’ll probably do it again sometime. Hopefully not about an entire day.

Things I get done instead:

The new Kindle Touch turns up in the post. Being in a strange mood I RTFM, something I normally skip with tech products. Scanning the various formats the thing can support I have more thoughts on building my own Noob reference guide and carrying it around. It’s too much heavy  thinking for today and I end up just downloading the books I’ve already talked about on the blog and pre-ordering The Hydrogen Sonata, the next Iain M Banks Culture novel. It’s out on the 4th. Kindle Touch : 8/10

I watch an entire disc of Falling Skies episodes. There is something missing from this post apocalyptic alien invasion series. I can’t put my finger on what exactly and it has enough to keep drawing me back for more.

I spent a while musing on the reasons to get a second account. I think I’ll get one as a birthday present to myself. It should allow me to generate cash a little faster without resorting to PLEX buying which is a bridge too far for me. It should also give me to move mining/trade/transport/PI designs away from my main combat/industry character. Eventually I’d move industry off there too but for now I want the main account to retain industry skills in case the second account doesn’t take. 

I spend a while thinking about playing some Warcraft, Pandas be damned. I've left that game, it's no longer my game of choice, but after so many years of playing I can't help feeling intrigued by another expansion however much I disagree with it's main focus. I might spend a day or so of my upcoming week off having a look at it. It doesn't help that an old in game friend has joined my old guild. Nostalgic memories of insanely difficult Burning Crusade runs that were some of the best times I had in Warcraft are not helping me avoid Pokemon Pandacraft.

I watch a metric ton of other, easy to ingest, TV : Buffy, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, the list goes on.

I mentally prepare for a super dull blog post. Here you go!

Reasons for getting a second account #6

I'm tired of trying to resist it.

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