Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 96 : Where am I?

I’m called to order by a comment that says I’m slowing down on the EVE front (

It has been slowing down a bit. Progress and adventures in the game aren’t as frequent and they were at the start. This is completely natural and given the amount of time I’ve spent in EVE it is surprising it hasn’t crept up on me already. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks back in RL and that saps post work energy that should be better spent cruising the corridors of low sec and being shot to pieces.

The last thing I want is for EVE to become a grind though. I need to take more days off and preserve the games appeal. Oddly the skill queue, my greatest enemy of the first few months, comes to my aid. Even logged off I can feel that my character is progressing through something.

I’ll probably also move the blog to non daily posts. Weekly at least, with maybe a few in between when something happens, or when something I read fires the imagination. The blog is currently four or five days behind. Updating it less will make it more current. Updating it less will allow me to play the actual game some more! There will always be others to take up the sense-of-wonder noob mantle and run with it. Nothing will incidentally flood my blog stats so I spit what I am eating at the screen - thanks to ;) . See

It’s as good a time to post what I am up to and how I feel about EVE after three months.


                                                        I spread myself a little thin


I’ve a decent stash. I need to invest some of it in something but I’m holding onto it for reasons of safety ( should some epic error require recovery from scratch ) and as a source of ship and mod fittings for PVP. I must stop thinking of my cash as a score and more as collateral.

Adventures & Achievements

See entries in this blog!


Best. Game. Ever. I've hardly done anything else for three months. Not that I could have for most of it as it turns out but what the hell. It's also at least partly responsible for saving me a load of RL cash. Which today (day 101) I've just enjoyably spent most of. Interesting how my conclusion on Day One ( is still completely true.


After saying that back in the game I don’t do much. I watch a nice tutorial on the directional scanner, though the vocals on it scare me a little for some reason.

After that I bugger off to watch another episode of Buffy and one of Falling Skies. Sometimes even the lure of logging in to fuck around with the skill queue can’t make you log in. Sometimes it’s good to save up all the plans for the weekend.

Reason to get a second account #3

Focus. It becomes clear that I can’t explore everything I want to in a timescale that makes me happy. See the skill wheel above. For example the skills for PI or for blockade runners, which would complement each other, are out of reach for now. Too many other skills will jump the queue ahead of them.


  1. I'm planning on making a second account soon. My main is combat, so this will be a indy/miner/trader, with some combat thrown in. He'll need some combat skills though as he'll be coming out to nullsec with my main :).

  2. I really liked your pie chart, so I made my own. This is 2 months in:

    As you can see, I've got lots of ship and electronics skills, and I'm pretty light on the rest.

  3. Getting a second account is not a bad idea if you cand afford it financially. I had much the same issue you are having when I first started playing. I wanted to learn combat skills and mining/industry skills but didn't have the time for both. Getting a second account was one of the best moves I made.

    As far as blockade runners go, the Viator is the t2 hauler that you want to get, not the Occator. The first holds a lot less but is a cloaks hauler that aligns fast and warps cloaked. You just need to get the skills for a Covert ops cloak. The Occator is larger and much sturdier but it's long align time and slow speed make it easy to catch, and once it's caught, anything can be killed.

  4. I would advise against a second account.

    I played about 5 years on just a single account, and loved it much more because of that. I got a lot of crap for having 3's in everything, but that is honestly the best way to do it I feel.

    I did not really push for specializing until I started WH ops, and even then I would take breaks from drone skills to grab an odd industry.

    I only got a second account this year, because I was having issues scouting in wh's. I probably only had it up and running about 3 moths out of the year. Ultimately, it was unnecessary and burdensome to dual box.

    That said, I did use a 90 day trial to train up a freighter alt, then transferred it to my main account. I would highly suggest that when you get to the point of using freighters.