Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 97 : Too Shiny

It’s Ishkur day. Skills are learned to an “acceptable” level, cash is “earned” through the Jita run the other day to pay for it.  I’ve named it "Killing Time" after the small, destructive and over enthusiastic warship that appeared in Excession.

More spikes! More gunmetal plating. More corporate stamping! More engine nacelles! Once again the love of a shiny new ship beats all. I can’t bear to risk it in some insane attempt to speed tank a level 4 mission. Typical.

In other news : blog stats still going crazy. As soon as anything appears on reddit it is consumed. It’s like the home of internet reading piranhas or something.

I head out on a solo roam into low sec to round off the evening but there is no one about. Nothing is happening. At one point I spy a set of five tier 2 drones hanging in space 80K of a gate. It looks like a trap. It smells like a trap. I’m bored so I head towards a trap. 70K, 50K, 30K, nothing.... Down to 10K now and still nothing. Any second now if the trap is sprung with short range guns. Turns out it wasn’t a trap, it was 2.5 million free loot.

It’s a slow night in the rest of the systems I visit. Must be that whole Thursday is the new Friday thing. All the local pirates are probably in one of those bars you see attached to Serpentis bases. I wonder how many stagger outside to take a leak or attempt to head next door to the whorehouse and suddenly remember it’s vacuum outside. I guess the best thing about being a capsuleer could be the fact that you don’t wake up with a hangover and a set of mysterious injuries after going on an almighty bender. You wake up in a nice fresh clone, sans hangover or injury. You can imagine pirate capsuleers spacing themselves on purpose at the end of a heavy night and getting laughed at by their mates when they turn up in the free noobmobile (or SpaceMobility as I’ve started calling them so unpolitically correctly) next morning. You can’t imagine this ? Try harder. Maybe that’s how I can cajole myself  into writing some fiction; whimsy and stupidity tales. I’d really like to try but keep holding myself back. I have a friend who writes short stories, she’s not a gamer. Her stories are these short tales of the almost real, tales that nudge your mind a little off track. I just can’t imagine forming any story into a coherent whole. If you’ve read the blog before, you’ve seen me babble. Anyway, go read a decent short story if that kind of thing rings your bell https://lizzieboylesays.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/a-new-short-story-hiraeth/. If it’s EVE based fiction you are after then the Friday posts on http://sandciderandspaceships.blogspot.co.uk/ are a one stop shop.

Speaking of which, I chat later to a few of the tweetfleet gods! Sindell and Drackarn (of the blog above, who presumably had too much of said cider and vanished quite early on) are on bantering about the Angel project and I get involved. A Noob hanging out in tweetfleet gassing with the faces of fame from the EVE world! I’m a little starstruck and I’m normally immune to that kind of thing. It’s a bit worrying. What if someone space famous is at the London meetup? Tgl3 ( http://throughnewbeyes.wordpress.com/) will be there and I think I pissed him off in tweetfleet earlier with a crack along the lines of  “EVE has taught me multitasking. I can drink beer and swear at the skill queue at the same time”. Resp
onse : “woo”. Hmmm. Note to self : don’t type random things in there when bored.

Reasons to get a second account #4

Dual action. I could set up my laptop and hopefully be able to “solo” roam with two ships. Admittedly I had better learn to fly just one first - but the potential is there! There are other things I could do while flying two ships when no one is around - onlining a POS while defending it springs to mind. Mining ops I’ve covered elsewhere.


  1. Most of my ships either have Culture names or names inspired by them in a similar vein. I think I actually had a Killing Time at one point, but it seems to have died!

    1. Gotta love The Culture. New book out on the 4th October too.

      Did you ever read A Few Notes From the Culture?


  2. omn omn omn om

    Just got a fresh hound myself: It looks like someone took a motorcycle and strapped a hang glider to it, and then bomb and explosives everywhere. I love it :)

  3. I name all my ships with bastardized latin pulled from google translate myself.

    Speaking of alts, shortly after I wrote my comment on your last post I ended up making one. I did exploration(read: scanning with probes) for the first time and LOVED it. Watched that youtube video you linked earlier in your blog in order to learn how to do it. I'm now torn between doing what I planned and rushing to good trade/indy skills or spending 50 days getting perfect probe skills -.-. Decisions, decisions.

    1. That video should be mandatory for all EVE players. You should have to watch it before logging in for the first time. The only reason I can think of not to do this is that I don't want more competition for the sites.

      Perfect probe skills can wait. Scanning frig with the cheap rigs that boost scanning, plus some frig skills which you'll need anyway and you should be fine for everything bar the toughest things to scan down.

  4. On an off vein, your stats have gone thru the roof... and once I started talking about PI... mine fell faster than gandalf after that Ol Balrog... LOL.

    Back to my roots, I must to blog thinks I...

    All my ships are named in the Indian fashion... whatever strikes me ATM with no rhyme or reason... though I do prefer Latin and dubble-ontondra names when possible... (A Stabber named "Back") =]

    1. Something like a plot from Buffy has happened to you and Mab. He's blogging about flying stealth bombers and you are blogging about PI mechanics production lines! It's bizzarro-blog-world! It's like a personality swap film. Entertaining, and yet slightly disturbing, to watch!

      PS - I'm still reading though I think you've scared me off PI for the time being. Currently I'm going back to my Industry roots for a month before switching back again to combat skills.

  5. (Again with the blogepathy...) After I posted mine last night I went a read Mab's newest and saw the same switcharoo... But, if you devote a few dentrites to it for a smattering of time it make a sorta sense.

    I have studiously avoided, or at least been a twee leery of the Industrial Arts since waking with plugs in my spine... however Mab has devoted four YEARS to naught else... For both of us this is an... 'adventure' of sorts.

    He, flying around in space in ships he has made and sold but never piloted with a cargo full of Bombs amd/or ammo which is not for SALE, but was onloaded with the intent of freely distributing to whomsoever deserves it most...

    Me, grounded and covered in dirt and grease, with a clipboard and running all over in a ship WITHOUT ANY WEAPONS yelling at foremen and laborers about timetables and yields and how I just punted my cat cause my Felsic Magama was LATE ON DELIVERY!!!

    I feel so weird... =\

    However fear not the complexities of PI, hold not back from exploring any part of EVE, you already are more invested in Industry as a whole than I am, and part of my worries with PI is that I enjoy it so much. =]

    Plus, once you setup, even just a line or two of P1 products, with a just a daily few minutes you can generate some additonal income and that is not a bad thing no matter how ya slice it...