Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 79 : Retail Therapy

Sunday, the day of rest. So what the hell did I do? Rest, i.e. not much of anything at all. I do some listless level 1 missioning to count down missions as fast as I can to the 16th and then I can begin planning my next lot or however that works. Today I don’t care, my brain has ceased to function so everything over level 1 means potential ship loss out of sheer stupidity. At one point I wake up and find I’ve been sitting on a gate for half an hour. Point proved. This is all dull but the missions are easily handled, its basically jumping back and forth between two systems. I also get to blow up Amarr slave traders which is a bonus.

Flying back home I decide that what I need is a new ship. A ship I can fly properly already, unlike my two toy Battlecruisers which I’m not up to speed with yet. Learning to fly the BC’s is on my list of things to do. This is the list which I constantly revise and discard simply because the day after I’ve edited it I usually begin to laugh after reading a few items. I then revise it and promptly ignore that version too.

Scanning the market I see a Federation Navy Comet going for 20 mill. These things look great, and they have a really pointless big light on them! Fitting and flying this around will really cheer me up. Note to @CCP_Sisyphus here : it still is about shiny new ships, even by day 79.  Lots more shiny ships please! Somewhere in the back of my head is a desire to be able to fly all the T1 frigates to a decent level, wasting at least another six to eight days of training time.


I look like a thin Cylon, take care miner dudes!

I name this new ship “The Sweeny”. The flavour text identifies it as an ex-police ship so this name amuses me, and the translation of Sweeny out of cockney rhyming slang is also quite fitting.

For a toy ship and the result of retail therapy it has quite decent DPS. Not that I’ll be risking a 20 million frigate hull in PVP when I have perfectly decent Incursus brawler hulls worth half a million already racked and fitted. Actually at some point I probably will risk it in PVP. I wonder what a 20 million worth explosion looks and feels like. After zooming around a bit, no doubt causing many worry lines to appear on Caslemon miner brows, I go mining since its all I have the energy to do. Even the Tengu Dude dropping and showing me a mining foreman link setup, the effect of which is to me swear out loud when I check the figures, can’t keep me in the game for long. I have two choices - go to bed or go to the pub. In the pub I could drink away feeling ill and miserable while listening to a friends choir who are singing there. Since discretion is the better part of valour, and also because at times I am a fucking idiot, I opt to go to bed where I spend the next eight hours waking up so often I might as well never have got in the damn thing.

It’s going to be a long week, and that might mean some shorter posts. I’ll try and chain them all together.


  1. "I also get to blow up Amarr slave traders which is a bonus."

    This is (almost) my mains raison d'etre ATM.

    Keep up the good work and Fly Clever.

  2. Good luck with your Navy Comet! I have never bought a faction ship for a bunch of reasons - the main one is that I am a tight bastard. I make Scottish people look like wasteful scoundrels. I would expect that you get primaried in PvP fights because you fly a shiny ship and maybe even suicide ganked for the same reason. That should not stop you! I tend to go through bombers like other people go through noob frigates though, so I better not preach frugality ;-) But then again, I live in a C2...

    Btw, if you want a few days in a WH, let me know. Happy to give you a tour ;-)

    1. I keep forcing myself to spend on shinies, getting carried away and then having a panic about it and trying to mine the cash back.

      As for the WH exploration I may take you up on that one day, though I have prior invite to look into as well! Firstly though I need to be able to hold my own. More combat practice is required. Hopefully the weekend will bring some!