Thursday 28 June 2012

Day 9 : Space Hangover

I wake up at 1pm after getting in at 5am. One way to defeat insomnia refusing to give you 8 hours sleep is to get really, really drunk and stay awake for 23 hours. So drunk in fact that you don't notice you are that drunk until the rain starts hammering down on the way home and sobers you up. Luckily not so drunk that I don't pick up a couple of bottles of Irn Bru from the 24hr garage on the way home. Its time to drink these and play EVE.

There is an interlude here where in fact I am too hungover to get out of bed. I watch a couple of episodes of Stargate Universe on the PVR and go shopping to prove to myself that I've done at least one thing with my Sunday. This means I am allowed to do f*ck all with the rest of it.

Back in EVE I log into a Vent server (like Skype for gamers) and talk to my friend the old WoW guild leader who has given in and is trying the free trial I sent him. I didn't think it was his kind of thing apart from the prospect of the market which he does like playing in WoW and SWTOR. It entertains me for a couple of hours hearing him rant and shout at the built in tutorial. To be honest the initial tutorial mode is hell if you've played a game before. One jump forward beyond the tutorial instructions using your familiarity with gaming and you are lost. Best to pretend to be an MMO noob as well as an EVE noob. In the process of enjoying his rants I get to track him down and follow him from system to system which is handy navigation practice.

England are playing in Euro 2012 tonight. They'll be going out but I'm going to watch it anyway. It turns into the usual denial on penalties. This isn't a shock and it was almost worth it to see Andrea Pirlo's penalty chip shot.

All through the football there is the distant sound of a cargo hauler orbiting an asteroid with a single mining laser grinding me some cash. Screw the England football team. I need ISK!

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