Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 13 : Hot or Not

"It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it...."

First really hot day in London today. 28 degrees and air like soup strained through a sock.

It's also the first day I actually write something on the blog that is up to date. Its today today! I wonder if I can keep this up, will posts become stale and chore-like?

Anyway, back to the main theme. EVE. What have I done? Nowt. I went mining this morning. I can earn a million in half an hour by blasting the crap out of Plagioclase asteroids but I'm mining that fast that I keep having to have a look at it. See the screenshots.

Back in the evening, after work, I'm lethargic and sweaty. This morning I was so full of ideas I lost count of the lengths I'd swam in the pool. Ended up having to swim to a deadline. That's the problem with trying to swim forty lengths a day. Swimming is conductive to thinking. I've been thinking a lot. About EVE. It saves on thinking about crap that I should be thinking about like life, work, being single, trying to stop smoking.

I've lost the main theme but you know my character a bit by now. You know I'm anal about the bank balance. You know I haven't yet expended any energy on intelligence to earn cash through the market, yet. You know I've chickened out of PVP thinking "just one more skill". You know I'm going mining. Right?

On the other hand Italy are having a shocking time in defence against Germany, I might go watch that. I'm no big fan of Germany as a football team but you have to recognise class when you see it. Fingers crossed for a Pirlo miracle. I hope it doesn't go to penalties like last night ( though I did enjoy Ramos dinking his penalty, probably to show off after what Pirlo did against England ).

Not much EVE news here is there? You're going to have a few quiet days. The skills are still ticking over. Calm down. More soon.

PS - 40 mins later it's Super Mario's night

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