Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 12 : Skint

Its time to buy the Cruiser. The Gallente entry level cruiser is a model called the Vexor. I can pick one up for 7 million without shopping around, or ordering one from anyone building them. I've got nearly 9 million saved. I buy the Vexor. I've forgotten about insurance. I insure the Vexor. I now have only 200K. Starter money. I feel very very poor.

I see the Vexor has a mining bonus. Only 10% but it gives it some utility. It also has four hardpoints and space for as many drones as I can fly. Five minutes later I'm sat out in the asteroid belt with four mining lasers going at full tilt and 3 mining drones joining in. I'm having to empty the bay every 3 minutes or so. Fortunately Spain vs Portugal is not turning out to be the corker of a match I thought it would. I can safely turn away while Spain do a bad tactical job and Portugal fail to take advantage of it.

It looks like I can mine around a million ISK worth of ore in half an hour. I run this twice during the match. When extra time is over, I watch the penalties keenly. Its the most exciting part of the match. Thats not saying much though. I'm going to stick on an episode of Game of Thrones after it and get EVE to do some work that isn't mining for a change.

Remembering some browsing the market up in Jita I stick a packaged frigate in my Cargo Hauler and tell it to head to Jita on autopilot. I look up later and its there. Sure enough a 30K frigate ( that I can actually make myself ) is selling for 120K. Once again I'm reminded that I need a bigger hauler. Carrying one frigate at a time and coming back empty is about a hundred times slower at generating cash than mining. I need to look at the market for stuff I can haul in bulk now, rather than getting a bigger hauler and carrying big items.

It leaves me umming and ahhing about the next skill path to take. There is some crossover but in the end I go for mining. The next major ship buy should be a mining barge. I think the cheapest I've seen is 38 million or something crazy...

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