Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 10 : Just Another Mining Monday

 I need seven million ISK. The best way to get this without expending any further cash on cargoes or ammo is the mining. I'm going to be mining tonight. The skills required for Cruiser piloting are nearly there so theres not much I can do about the training queue apart from worry that my skills are too widely spread. I think I should have specialised early on, and gone back to cover other skills later. Maybe that would have involved making a decision.

I already know I'm going to deviate from the skills plan soon. This is just so I can pilot the cool frigate class "Rifter". Its a Minmatar ship so I'll miss out on the 5% damage bonus per skill level because I'll be using Gallente weapons and not Minmatar ones. Who cares? The nearest Gallente equivalent requires me to use missles as well as my normal guns so I've already trained them. It looks cool too. Why a space ship would need huge intakes on the front of it I don't know, but it works. I've a suspicion I can make a trade out of selling them too when I get better cargo hauling skills.

Anyway. Back to mining. Its a choice between slow mining with no interactions and the danger of getting attacked for being an AFK miner, or faster mining with interaction every 4 or 5 minutes to transfer the contents of the cargo hold. I choose fast mining and find a way of sitting so I can watch the TV and yet have the cargo bay in my peripheral vision. I can flick the mouse to transfer cargo from here. I must get this installed on a laptop. At least I still have the Warcraft born grind mentality that I've discussed before. Its no problem compared to that. Might as well keep that mentality exercised in case I fall back into the WoW trap.


  1. I think you'll find that the Incursus is a credible Gallente alternative to the Rifter...

    1. Yeah I got there in the end, took me a bit though. See Day 51 for the inaugural flight of the Pale Horse. Now I just have to learn to win...

  2. I'm reading these in order, so you may have already touched on it....Its very difficult to make a mistake in your training queue early on. Even if you misallocate your first 5m skillpoints, they will probably be useful later. At 30m skillpoints, you'll hardly notice the few million sp in odd places.