Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 583: The Lure of the Lore

I missed Ganked 100 which was the intended source for this post. I was barely awake at the time and in no condition for combat. I spent the time snoozing, watching the great EVE-Kill map, laughing at Top Gun on TV (really Tom? You hadn't heard Sitting On The Dock of the Bay in ages? What planet were you on? Presumably a Thetan one), and doing some more flying around aimlessly for no apparent reason.

This time though I did some retail therapy and picked up a ship I've always wanted. The Zephyr. Pictures follow of me faffing around on the belt of a gas giant, click em to see em. At one point, even though I was static, the belts moved across the ship leaving me underneath. It appears the belts are included in the planets rotation.

The Zephyr is a quiet ship, no AB or MWD can be fit to her since there are no slots bar the single high for the specialised probe launcher. It's oddly calming to fly in though makes you want to rush off and watch the pod racing scenes from Phantom Menace. All in all, and odd ship. The most puzzling oddity was the rotating wheel at the rear of the ship. Being in an weird mood I found myself speculating as to the purpose of this ring. Propulsion? Guidance? Crew gravity wheel? The only other ship I could think of with any similar feature was the Stratios whose "cylindrical structure" is connected with its ability to employ covert operations cloaking devices. The Zephyr is also stealthy in that Sleeper drones won't attack it in wormhole space. So perhaps the wheel is a stealth feature? Is it some kind of super high tech prayer wheel - "Please don't notice me, please don't notice me, please don't notice me....". Does it also mean that "Intaki polymath Valsas en Dilat" was involved in the creation of the new Sisters of EVE cruiser? What would that mean? Dear holy Bob! I've fallen under the spell of the lure of the lore. There are better minds out there that know more than I do about this kind of thing. Quick! To the community-mobile!

Until then, here are the pics of me doing what I referred to as "sailing the sky road" in my Zephyr. It's named the "The Zeppo" in defiance of it's exceptional nature, and for poorly alliterative reasons, and because I recently rewatched a favourite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm ill. Comfort telly required. Sue me. I toyed with Mary Celeste but that's too depressing.

EVE Track of the Day

Sailing - Rod Stewart

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