Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 582: One Small Step

Under the hammer of Winter, on an endless day.....

ie I have a cold, plus swimmers ear, and it's a Saturday. Whether the illness or the pills taken for the illness I went a little random and flew all the way to a moon. Warping to a moon gets you no where near so it's a ten minute or so journey under Microwarp. It's a shame the damn thing vanishes at 0km but you can circumnavigate them at around 10km with no jarring effects.

An that's all he wrote! Thinking is for when your brain works.

EVE Track of the Day

Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. In the old C3 we had several BMs inside the moon at our POS and one inside the sun... The one in the sun was made over a very long (I believe overnight) MWD run made by my son AI. You do know the whole moon disappeared is cause the planets and moons are just flat pics... like tapestries in space... there is no 'physicality' to them though.

    1. Nice bookmarking! It's a shame they are flat though. I was looking forward to crunching into it at 5k a second. Some daft calculations indicated that a Raptor travelling at that speed should generate a 3 kiloton explosion....