Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day 527: Lord of the Flies

A short one tonight.

Interceptors. The ubiquitous signature of Rubicon. As if a sentence could sound more pretentious than that. Jesus. Ok.

I decided to have a go at catching myself an interceptor and failed. Perhaps I should have set my sights lower than "W Rush". The bane of unsuspecting Brave Newbies, a constant factor of Barleguet and a most, most excellent pilot indeed.

A lot of crap is aimed at this pilot. A lot. In fact enough aimed at him that people facing him were belittled in Brave comms the other afternoon. Something I've not heard there before. An aberration no doubt but a worrying sign of elitism. Don't get me wrong, Brave chat is usually more open and as welcoming as any I have ever heard on the internet. It must have been my misfortune to log in and listen in on a quiet period where lackluster, lackwitt, stoners apparently ruled the roost. Look to your downtimes Braves. Less than appealing. Somewhere along the line the vocal minority have lost the comprehension that people in the chat channel may not have been playing more than a few days and that learning by burning is a thing.

Enough. It was one episode in an alliance of brilliance.

Back to W Rush and the Interceptors of Doom. He can fly. I thought I could put together a fit, Vexor, Warrior based,  that could defeat him. As ever, in EVE, I was mistaken.

I threw together a Vexor kitted out with all the drone boosts you'd think would guarantee victory. Ha ha. EFT warrior loses again. Admittedly the situation was complicated by W Rush's compadre and crimsonshank. A rather excellent proponent of my favourite looking ship - the Catalyst. A gank fit Catalyst bearing down on you makes you throw all your plans out of the window. And yet. Somehow I managed to find the mental agility to disengage from W Rush and slay his gank fit companion. So on this escapade I score, I don't win but I score.

and the inevitable

The curious thing was the lack of damage applied to W Rush. I thought I'd be ok. I'd thought I'd estimated the tracking vs speed issue well enough that I'd be ok. My combat log begged to differ. Misses by Warriors all over the place. So how can you fit a Vexor to fight Interceptors? I have another plan. If I can find them, if they're willing. It would be handy if I had the figures to back it up but the entire two minute fight feels like, say, a second long. I have no memory of transversal figures or anything else. Merely a vibrating desire to die in a ball of flame while holding my own. I mean the vibrating bit. I got the pod out and had to sit in station and calm the fuck down. EVE. No other game like it. Needed a drink. Hands shaking too much to pick the damn thing up.

For a strange Brave sign off : 7o W Rush and crimsonshank. Content is content is content. Keep on teaching us. I for one am glad of it.

EVE Track of the Day: Tainted Love, Soft Cell.


  1. Forget drones, my 10mn AB fit Taranis can outrun them and with a 36 meter sig radius is hard as hell to hit. I don't think a Vexor is ever going to do it mate. It's just not the right ship for what you want. I'd be more inclined to use rapid light missiles myself. If you must use a Vexor think web and neut. That would probably hurt the Interceptor more than anything.

    1. I think you're right about the hitting. Not sure about the speed. The Warriors were up to 7500m/s. I just don't think they'll land a hit. I think I've seen it with the Algos. The speed is too much for them and they just miss. I'm going to give it one more go and then maybe move to missiles. Missiles are next on the skill queue list anyhow but I'm not that familiar with them. More reading required. As ever, in EVE.

      BTW : how does the Taranis cope with a 10mn AB fit? I had a Slicer fit with a 10mn AB and it maneuvered like an elephant. 2 nano's or 1? Sounds intriguing.

  2. Black OPs Blops

    1 Falcon, 1 Arazu, +20 bombers, webs from the Arazu = death for the intercepters at least until the numbers overwhelms the Falcon and Arazu then its game over for the bombers