Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 662 : Game of Cards in a West House Thrones Wing

Yep. It took a few days to get round to writing up the weekend so I leap forward in time once more. Into the "Politics Zone". It's that fun time of year where you get to not vote for everyone you hate, and slightly more importantly get together a crowd of people you do like to make sure CCP don't do one with the game.

Don't worry. This post will be short, fast and nearly painless. Well. It'll hurt me less than it hurts you. Some idiot (me, I ran across it browsing my amazon account) decided to reveal that I could watch all of Grimm online and that I'd never seen it. I need to get back to that.


I'd link you a précis of STV, the Single Transferable Vote system, but my sadism has its limits.

Vote Match is here This will get you started with some ideas.

Nosy Gamer going insane and not only listing but having listened to all the podcasts, producing a great resource along the way


Endorsements are all over the blogosphere and the summaries may tip your hand. Read with bias awareness intact please. Here is a sample of some but not all of the things I read.


The CCP Official Bit

The full official candidate list is here https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/candidates

The actual voting tool is here https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/vote

If you don't vote then you are being a tool, not using one. Sort it out.

My Endorsements

I have two accounts and I'll vote twice, I'll probably mix the order slightly over the two.


Sugar Kyle

 Low sec, POS use, new player experience, small gang warfare, lots and lots of interesting opinions, runs a great blog, writes great fiction. Still able to apply a little whimsy to the game while ferociously mastering it.

Steve Ronuken

The Industry Adept. The maintainer of http://evebloggers.com/ His Fuzzworks tools have saved my life in the past and it turns out from interviews that he knows what he is talking about. A regular out of corp social player too.


These candidates represent some or all of the qualities I'm looking for but were trumped by the top two.

Mike Azariah - The casual hi sec player, all round good guy and voice of reason from what I've seen.

Ali Aras - I was seriously impressed with her CSM8 performance for reasons too long to list here. A testament to the power of the newbie everywhere. She now adds experience to an already great CV

Mangala Solaris - Master of RvB, dabbler in everything, experienced on the CSM, interested in more out of corp social tools. Also from Preston so a bit of a pity vote gets added in. Hurrah for Preston Bus Station!

Xander Phoena - His interviews of the CSM candidates last year revealed exactly the kind of mind and desire for EVE that we need on the CSM. It doesn't all have to be about in game experience when you can digest all the relevant information easily and then make experts on it squirm with questions you've devised. Also his temperament may prove amusing.

Jayne Fillon - Basically for the non corp affiliated social content he's devised. A slight wildcard but worth a vote. Also likely a fan of Firefly.

DJ Funky Bacon - Another low sec expert. I had a little disagreement with something he said recently but it doesn't really impact the rest of his expertise so he has made it in anyway. Considering what a grouch I am, this should speak volumes.

Matias Otero - Technically my old boss. Fun Per Hour (TM)


While these guys I either don't agree with or don't represent my gameplay I consider them useful to health of EVE in general. In no particular order.

Corbexx - POS and industry wildcard who I've heard some good things about

Psychotic Monk - While I disagree a lot with some of the things he stands for, he is making sure hi sec does not get stale

Mynnna - While a Goon and in no need of a vote, he is good on the CSM, he is an master of the economy and last but not least a Legend in Lego

James Arget - A Wormholer and so out of my sphere of interest but I've heard good things

corebloodbrothers - A last wildcard, just pipping Progodlegend, he's here for his mention of the initial SP curve.

EVE Track of the Day

Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan

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  1. Thank you for your endorsements and one of the best blog titles I've read lately.