Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 646: Money Grabber

Well, another EVE aim complete. I can get back to actually doing stuff.

There's lots of talk about how stupid it is to save ISK, to generate a serious amount of liquid ISK. If it isn't working for you then it's dead, it's nothing but a score. It's not like we've been playing video games for just scores for years or anything. Nevertheless I tend to agree. Your liquid ISK buffer should be a disaster fund. It should be able to get you back on your feet (well equipped feet) within a day. That's about it. The size of the buffer depends on the size of your feet. I don't have caps or anything like that so my buffer needs are fairly small. Still, real life interruptions handed me the opportunity to play EVE Farmville so I did. To the tune of ten billion ISK out of small scale industry. I wanted to do it. It was a target. It was a target I cordially hated by the end but a target that had to be completed.

Within an hour 5% of it had gone and 50% would have gone had I not flipped when I saw PLEX prices. How I'm not seeing rampant inflation in the module market is beyond me. There are a couple of odd signs but they could also be from the current meta in the area of the markets I sell into. I don't do economics so if anyone can explain what's going on, please do.

So mostly my liquid ISK will shrink back to an emergency fund of around 1 billion. My industrialists will slow down, and probably try some other ISK making endeavour just to see how it goes. Level four missions or trading using some of the ISK I've obtained. Probably missions first as I feel the need to shoot things rather than right click things. T2 industry is an RSI lawsuit waiting to happen.

So what of my main, the actual Space Noob? He's back out there learning to fly again. It's a good job I can derp T2 fits until kingdom come. I'm bad. I'm bad at EVE but that's no surprise since I'm bad at all computer games and have been since I started playing them thirty years ago. You get used to it. I was a bad priest in Warcraft (well. bad-ish. I could have tried harder). I was bad at Civilisation. Well, in the sense that I raced to nukes all the time to wipe people out and have swamp warfare. I didn't care about the score if you can believe that after what I told you at the start of this post. Once game I was fairly good at, for no reason I can discern, was Silent Service. Mabrick reminded me about it . Perhaps the first hints of an EVE mentality?

Anyway, learning to fly to a standard that everyone else would regard as terrible is going to be a process. I'm four T2 fit frigates in. I've relearned gate guns, I've relearned the slingshot (though have yet to employ it successfully), I've relearned not to fly when you have five minutes to play and a lack of modules. The latter comes from throwing together a fit out of any old thing. Search out my killboard. By next month there should be a about a billion ISK in losses on it. A man has to learn.

At this point I'd like to thank the Stay Frosty guys in the area I was roaming. It was good to know I could be bad without someone being an asshole about it afterwards. In particular an old friend who now flies with the frosty gang, SeaElder4. He was kind enough to meet me at the sun for a duel and tell me off for doing that last minute fit. Still. I got a fight in before I had to dash down to the pub. Also - dude I remember when you used to fit Exequrors with guns in order to get an edge at the start of a fight. You are Mr Wacky Fit. I remember these things! In fact meeting you reminded me of brawling with Tuskers at the sun over a year ago. Fun times. Fun times I should get back to.

So what's on the cards for the future?  A horrendously busy RL week. Well quel surprise. I'll attempt to work around it. Here's the plan

  • Learn to fly again. There is no way I'm going out in a T2 frigate or Navy cruiser fleet with skills at this level.
  • Visit some landmarks. I'm an explorer by nature. There are some things I need to see.
  • Get down to the Brave deployment area. I owe it and them a visit and some effort.
  • Have the alt try missioning. I've dusted off the old Space Potato and donated it to him. It will go badly.
  • Spend all those lovely ISKies on nice things and projects. Here's one of them already:

I'm bad, but I've finally got some bling. I'll be spinning that till I'm dizzy as fuck.

EVE Track of the Day

Money Grabber - Fitz and the Tantrums

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  1. Always nice to meet you mate. I stil fly exequrors but they are much more popular now, also learned about new, really awesome trying it recently with mixed results, but its always fun ship to fly.