Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 230 : Cannonball

UPDATED 15/04/2012 : see this

Yeah, no posts for a while. I've been stuck in industry which feels like an endless grind that's always but not ever nearly over. I'll post about that soon. Jester stole my thunder on the T2 thing but I'll post a noob guide soon.

On the other hand inspiration struck the other day with the Tuskers announced DEATHRACE

                   DEATHRACE 2013 Wallpaper 
 Another piece of epic artwork by Rixx Javix over at Rixx - if I've been a bad internet person using this Flickr embed then let me know.

Oddly this didn't make me think of Deathrace 2000. It made me think of the Cannonball Run. I couldn't get the theme music out of my head.

Given how cool the Tuskers FFA was I need to go to this event. Given my nature I need to go in the oddest ship possible. So if you see me in a logi cruiser named "Cap'n Chaos" you'll know what I've been channelling. It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

Back to regular posting soon. I promise. At least this one was short.


  1. You could also go with the Smokey and The Bandit theme (Eastbound and Down) or Convoy.

    Or an extended instrumental break of Sweet Home Chicago, but that's only going to work for people who've seen The Blues Brothers.

  2. Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Raw Hide....